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26 Feb modified: 5 years ago

Copyright date (year) in footer


graphic copyright assembly graphic copyright assembly

A common design device for most websites is to include a copyright notice at the bottom of the web page in the footer area. The jury is out as to whether this copyright date has any legal purpose, but clients' seem to love it. However, a copyright line that is out of date can be a bad reflection o…

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22 Feb modified: 5 years ago

Shortcode UI Plugin -- Tabs

grav plugin shortcode Peppe Ragusa | unsplash

Shortcodes seem like they have tremendous potential to incorporate "chunks" of html, css, javaScript into a page. An example of this would be the ui-tabs shortcode demonstrated below.

The tabs shortcode is included in the shortcode-ui plugin. This plugin, in turn, is dependent upon shortcode-core plugin.

It is my intention to study the coding that is shipped with these plugins in order to reverse engineer an understanding of how a shortcode can be built. My first attempt will be to convert the figure hack that I have already put together.

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12 Feb modified: 5 years ago

Setup Grav CLI on Windows 10

grav cli gChambers

Admittedly, I'm a newbie at CLI but I did get Grav CLI ALMOST working on Windows 10. Over many days I was able to muddle through. I say almost as there is seemingly one remaining sticking point: after “bin/grav new-project /C/MAMP/htdocs/my-new-project” I am unable to complete the process by install…

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12 Feb modified: 5 years ago

Header (hero) Image Over-Ride

grav graphics

sandbox fun

OK, I've found some solutions to the graphic design scenarios that I was trying to overcome. The difficulties occurred specifically in the Grav Blog Site template. Other templates may or may-not exhibit the same behavior.

I was able to find a suitable yaml "block" (correct term?) that allows me to…

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04 Feb modified: 5 years ago

Re-Sync With Production Server

git cli

Often the production website gets out-of-sync with the Github repository (and dev site). This will typically happen during early stages of site development when files and folders are moved from one directory to the next as the site is being optimized. Changing folder location occurs quite a bit as the main menu is being built, modified or updated. Sync issues could also occur after a grav update via Admin Control Panel.

camera girl

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