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Official Grav CLI Cheatsheet

grav git cli Gregory Chambers | gChambers

Issue Currently unable to do a fresh install of a grav instance via the CLI. Will need to pose a question in the forum asking for explicit instructions on using CLI with Windows.

Grav Cheatsheet

All of the commands listed below are compatible with any operating system.

Command Description
bin/grav list Lists all commands available in Grav (excluding the GPM).
bin/grav help Gives you help on a specific command.
bin/grav new-project Used to create a new, clean Grav instance in a different folder.
Can be run from an existing Grav install.
bin/grav install This command installs any dependencies needed to run your
current Grav install.
bin/grav clear-cache This command clears the cache of your Grav install.
Options include: --all, --assets-only, --images-only, and --cache-only
bin/grav backup Creates a zip backup of your current Grav site.
bin/grav composer Updates manually-installed composer-based vendor packages.
bin/gpm list Lists all commands available via Grav's GPM (Grav Package Manager)
bin/gpm help Gives you help on a specific command.
bin/gpm index Shows a list of all the available resources in the Grav repository,
organized by themes and plugins.
bin/gpm info Displays the details of the desired package, such as description,
author, homepage, etc.
bin/gpm install Installs a resource from the repository to your current Grav
instance with a simple command.
bin/gpm update Checks installed plugins and themes for available updates and lists them.
bin/gpm uninstall Removes an installed theme or plugin and clears the cache.
bin/gpm self-upgrade Enables you to update Grav to the latest version.

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