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Figur Shortcode

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Now we're going to attempt and even more ambitious shortcode investigation with the creation of a custom shortcode plugin. I've been researching how to add variables to the shortcode. The content of these variables will be specified within the shortcode definition in the markdown markup in the article text. Onward!

The figur shortcode that I created is a custom plugin. It provides a client-friendly method to add photos (with caption and citation) to an article. The shortcode creates standard HTML figure and fig-caption elements that can be floated left or right so that text will flow around them. Other shortcodes can be created and added to the /plugins/shortcode-greg folder.

Once again I need to remind myself... shortcodes can not be inserted at the top of an article. The summary list displayed on the home page simply will not process the shortcode.

IMPORTANT! Cache must be cleared often when editing the .php, .html.twig and .scss files. Often, changes made to the code are not displayed in the browser until after the cache is cleared. Clear cache early and often.

There is ONE THING that I'm not very proud. The client is required to specify the containing folder of the article in order to properly specify the path to the images. For example,


OK. One more oddity! There is a difference in the way the localhost server and production server render the twig templates. The localhost server is very forgiving. HOwever, the production server insists on inserting "double-quotes" around any variable that is placed within a standard HTML tag. For example:

<img src="”shortcode-orange/autoNascar_Veer.jpg”">

The twig documentation claims that an escape method can help with this. This method had no effect when templates were rendered on my production server. The only thing that seems to work is to strip out the quotes when declaring the shortcode in the .md file. This looks pretty ugly however. Is there a better way?

Lightbox playground

OK. I think that I may have come up with an explanation for the double-quotes. It looks like the Smarty-Pants plugin may have been causing the error. Will test further now. YES, it was definitely Smarty-Pants that was causing the issue of double-quotes being rendered in the HTML.

captioned photo Image by author
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