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27 Apr modified: 8 years ago

Typography Over-Ride

grav ui Bruno Martins | unsplash

The core Grav theme template (Antimatter) comes pre-configured to display two Google fonts downloaded from Google Fonts CDN. The two fonts used in the default configuration are: Montserrat (for all the header and display functions) and Raleway (for body text). Although these fonts are quite a nice c…

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07 Apr modified: 8 years ago

Auto-Update Webhook — Part 2

grav github unsplash

Revised approach to configuration

OK, the first time I tried the GitHub automatic webhook it didn't work out so well. The intent is to automatically upload to the production server any changes or additions made to items located in /user folder. Although it seemed to function properly at first, my in…

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01 Apr modified: 8 years ago

Markdown Basics

grav Markdown Dayne Topkin | unsplash


My primary text creation tool is SublimeText. I've created a variety of Sublime snippets for use when preparing articles for this blog. Here are a few of them:

  • mdimage + TAB = image tag in GRAV format
  • mdatt + TAB = photo credit shortcode
  • mdlink + TAB = vanilla HTML link tag
  • mdlinkkey + TAB = c…

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