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04 Feb modified: 8 years ago

Re-Sync With Production Server

git cli

Often the production website gets out-of-sync with the Github repository (and dev site). This will typically happen during early stages of site development when files and folders are moved from one directory to the next as the site is being optimized. Changing folder location occurs quite a bit as the main menu is being built, modified or updated. Sync issues could also occur after a grav update via Admin Control Panel.

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15 Jan modified: 8 years ago

Official Grav CLI Cheatsheet

grav git cli Gregory Chambers | gChambers

Issue Currently unable to do a fresh install of a grav instance via the CLI. Will need to pose a question in the forum asking for explicit instructions on using CLI with Windows.

Grav Cheatsheet

All of the commands listed below are compatible with any operating system.

Command Description

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06 Jan modified: 8 years ago

GitHub Code Notes — Remote Server

git cli Gregory Chambers | gChambers

Code to be pasted into Git Bash for Setup and Usage of GitHub for Site Development

Open a SSH connection to remote s1nga server -- gravBlog

In git Bash:

$ ssh

  1. Look up password for s1nga cPanel in LastPass

then (RIGHT CLICK) copy/paste password: *****UabuT2% This will op…

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